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Welcome to OGPAC

OGPAC Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. is widely involved in retailing and trading activities in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine and Offshore sectors.

oil_rig_1We specialized in supplying, installation and implementation of electrical, paneling, instrumentation and mechanical products to all the sectors as mentioned above.

In addition to the above, our long history of trading with international manufacturers and buying houses from United States, Europe and Asia, we are confident we would be able to offer a wider range of products as well as meeting the needs of customers' specific requirment.


Product Highlight

Brady Signages
Communicate critical information
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Strong and Durable
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Hoses & Tubings
Fluid Control Solutions
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valvepic s
Butterfly Valves
Standard and non-standard
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Product Range

  • Valves, Couplings
  • Labels, Markers, Signs
  • Wire Ropes, Rigging Tools
  • Hoses, Tubes

Quality Products

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